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Deck Life And Maintenance: How Long Does A Wooden …

On top of routine hardware checks and replacing boards when needed cedar decks are high maintenance. But if you treat it right your deck can last as long as 40 years. Wooden Decks Made From Mahogany Mahogany is a beautifully colored hardwood which

Types of Wood Decks and How Long They Last - Seiffert …

How long do you want your deck to last? How much maintenance do you expect to perform and which type of wood suits your budget? Before you decide on which material is best for your deck stop by Seiffert Building Supplies and speak with one of our experts.

Tips for building a Deck 10 Top Tips for Decks - Ecohome

Red cedar has natural anti-rot characteristics but comes with a pretty steep price tag so for example in Eastern Canada local white cedar from small mills is a much more affordable option. Hemlock (Eastern fir) or Douglas fir are very strong woods and if you take steps to keep them dry they should last quite a long …

How do you extend the life of an untreated cedar deck? | …

11/5/2017· Happily untreated cedar is already long-lasting and durable because it has some decay resistance thanks to naturally occurring extractives originating from the tree’s heartwood. “But these do have some water solubility” says Paul Morris a research leader …

How Long Do Outdoor Decks Last? | Big Easy Landscaping

Outdoor decks have become a popular staple among homeowners. But how long do they last? 504-229-6519 Home About Services Outdoor Home Decks Patios Pavestone Driveways Outdoor Kitchens Wood Fences Landscape Lighting – Path Lighting & Accent

Cedar & Armadillo Decks Built to Last - Associated Siding …

(We are a Certified Builder for Armadillo Decks) We Make Decks Built to Last. Your cedar deck needs the proper footings for support. 25 years ago I was building my red cedar deck and I was advised (building code at the time) to dig hole’s for the footings 43″ deep put rocks in the bottom of the hole drop the 4×4″ Cedar Post in the hole level the post and pour cement in the hole.

How long does deck stain last? - Elegant Painting®

A cedar deck is a hight-maintenance item. Most deck stains do not come with any kid of warranty. The question now is which type of stain is easier and cheaper to re-do and how often. Natural cedar tone semi-transparent stains usually look great for one year. After 2 …

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how long do cedar decks last wood covers for concrete adding a sister joist to deck flooring-exterior Guam plastic pvc decking boards goldcoast UAE price of tongue and groove porch how to glue an outdoor for paneling Bosnia and Herzegovina FLOOR CASES

Wooden Decks in Durban - How Long Do They Last? | …

Wooden Decks in Durban – How Long Do They Last? September 12 2018 by Clover · 0 Comments Regardless of whether you are considering adding a wooden deck to your yard in Durban or thinking about to what extent it will be until the point that you need to supplant your present deck odds are you’d rather be making the most of your yard and not stressing over the deck itself.

Choosing cedar vs composite decks — RenovationFind Blog

Choosing cedar vs composite decks One of the most important parts of building a deck is making sure you choose the right material. A deck will add significant value and last …

Cypress Decking | Decks.com

Cypress is denser than Cedar and Redwood so knots are less likely to loosen to form holes. Old growth Cypress has very tight growth rings which provide high stability often 16 to 30 per inch. Second growth Cypress doesn’t offer the same advantages of Old Growth because it contains significantly higher proportion of sapwood which provides no resistance to decay.

How Often Should You Stain Your Deck? | Angie's List

3/4/2012· And how long should good stain last? – John G. Indianapolis Dear John: Whether they’re oil-based or water-based stains will not last long on horizontal surfaces due to weather elements like sunlight snow ice and rain.

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8/8/2020· Decks are great do-it-yourself projects and this one big as it looks is no exception. Although this multilevel deck looks complex you can build it using standard tools. A circular saw drill tape measure chalk line hammer and posthole digger can be adequate for building anything from a simple 12 x 12-ft. deck to an elaborate multilevel structure.

Cedar Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide

Cedar decking remains a top choice for decks due to a combination of compelling factors. Cedar: Is very attractive Has natural moisture-resistant qualities Readily accepts stain and sealer Is an affordable deck material While pressure treated wood decks are the most common cedar wood decks make up a good share of the remainder.

How long should I wait for cedar wood to air dry | The …

How long should I wait for cedar wood to air dry HELLO EVERY ONE . i HAVE BEEN QUITE BUSY AND JUST GOT MY COMPUTER WORKING AGAIN I am building a porch a the back of my house and I am using 2x6 cedar wood the I have just mill

Cedar Staining: How Long Should You Wait To Stain Your …

Cedar Deck Association adds a great quote on finishing exter cedar decks: “Decks should never be allowed to weather before finishing.The simplest but most labor-intensive finish to maintain on a cedar deck is a water-repellent preservative which may have to be applied annually.

Composite Deck Lifespan: How Long Do They Last? | …

When homeowners ask us how long do composite decks last we start with the minimum 25 to 30 year span covered by the warranty — but we also let them know that composite decks can last far longer. Learn more about the science that contributes to the outstanding composite deck lifespan the strengths of composite decks and the warranties that back these luxury products.

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30/5/2019· Cedar doesn’t readily absorb moisture— and since moisture is what creates twisting and splitting cedar wood decking tends to lie flat and straight. Most carpenters figure a lifespan of 15 to 20 years for cedar wood deck boards but it can deteriorate faster when used for ground-level decks and for shaded decks that are slow to dry out. The Family Handyman

Cedar Decking vs Pressure Treated: Which is right for me?

2/10/2015· A cedar deck can last from 15 to 20+ years depending on maintenance and environmental conditions. Cedar decking is affordable. We carry various grades of S4S 2×6 cedar deck boards at prices comparable to Seven Trust. Check them out on our and give us :

How Long Will Your Deck Stain Last? | DoItYourself.com

To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information best practices and professional advice articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Giving your deck a few coats of deck stain is a great way to preserve it against the different weather conditions that will be presented during the years.

How To Sand Cedar Decking — Rickyhil Outdoor Ideas

The main difference between plastic and cedar decking has to do with how long it will last the material. Unlike plastic wood can wrap or rot and is subject to damage from insects. Plastic Covers requires much less maintenance than cedar decking ago.

Cedar and Treated Wood Decks | Michigan's Best Deck …

However like all wood cedar does require care. If left untreated a cedar deck in Michigan will only last 5 to 10 years. If taken care of properly cedar construction will last a very long time. One common mistake made with cedar is in maintenance. We

How Long Does the Wood Last on a Cedar Deck? | Home …

25/9/2019· How Long Does the Wood Last on a Cedar Deck?. Cedar decking is a naturally rot-resistant wood which turns gray once you allow it to sit in the sun. There are other types of

How Long will your Deck Last? | Suburban Boston Decks …

30/4/2017· And with regular care PT decks can look good for a long long time. Some say it will last 40 years . [Ref 1] Well I’m not sure about 4 decades but we did just see a deck that’s two decades old going on three decades.

Finishing Western Red Cedar Decking - Real Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a naturally durable wood ideal for decks its performance is enhanced when protected by an appropriate finish. Decks are subjected to the most challenging exposure conditions. The combination of a horizontal surface the abrasive effects of foot traffic pounding rain and full exposure to sun make deck finishing more demanding than other finishing applications such as siding.

How Long does a Wood Deck Last | Murfreesboro | Mt. …

Murfreesboro Mt. Juliet and Franklin TN You may already have a deck that you have been enjoying for quite a while or maybe you are considering getting a new one built. That may leave you wondering how long your wood deck in Middle Tennessee will last before

how long do cedar decks last

the classic wood deck is a quintessential addition to any residential home. a well-built pt decks do last for quite a while but they aren't without issues. for one pt decks both redwood and cedar are higher maintenance decking options.

20-Year-Old Decks: Repair or Replace? | Pine Cone Lumber

Softwood decks can last a long time depending on how well they’re built but it’s not uncommon for decks of cedar pine or redwood to hold up for 10 to 20 years at which point they begin to disintegrate in ways that range from unsightly and inconvenient to

How Long Does Cedar Last? - Household Essentials

How long does cedar last really? That depends entirely on how your space is laid out and used. Cedar works best and lasts longest in enclosed areas: think a closed up cedar closet that is only opened twice a year to change out the winter/summer clothes.

Building a Cedar Deck : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Cut 4 x 4 cedar posts 42 inches long. You will need a post for each edge each corner at each side of the stairs and in the middle of each side that is more than 10 feet long. Notch out a piece that is 1 1/2 inch deep by the height of your joist plus deck board.

Western Red Cedar Decking Care & Maintenance - Real …

A deck that dries after wetting will last longer than one that stays damp. Good maintenance practices for cedar decks include allowing proper water drainage; keeping the surface free of dirt leaves pine-needles and other debris; and moving planters benches and other deck accessories from time to time to permit the deck beneath them to dry thoroughly.

Cedar's Remarkable Weather Resistance - Wagner Meters

4/9/2019· Western Red Cedar is a large-to-very-large tree and can grow in some areas up to 230 ft. tall. It is also long-lived and some trees can live well over a thousand years with the oldest verified being 1460 years old. By contrast Northern White cedar is a smaller tree

how long does composite decking last?

Once in place they just do their job and don't need much more than an annual Long on life span and short on fuss these man-made boards never splinter rot .Over the last 3 to 4 yrs composite decking manufacturers have improved alot.

Wood Decks That Last | Professional Deck Builder

14/11/2013· I've been successfully building wood decks for almost 25 years and have learned how to build them so that they last—and look good—for a long time. Check Moisture Content A basic understanding of wood is key to a quality installation (see Understanding Wood page 23).

How long after building a new cedar deck do I stain it? - …

Re: How long after building a new cedar deck do I stain it? 09-24-2017 05:46 PM I may be wrong I have been in the past but I’m under the impression that the pressure treated deck material has to have time to dry out before you seal it.

Cedar Deck? - General Discussion Forum | In-Depth …

16/5/2020· Being a painter also i’ve treated a few decks with this application and this is good for cedar siding or anything cedar. Its easy to take the greying off by pre soaking with a 20% bleach and 80% water sprayed on with a bug sprayer then after about an hour pressurewashing with a fan tip this is done on an older discolored deck you wouldn’t have to do it on a new deck.


Shingles made of naturally durable western red cedar typically last 15-25 years. A well-designed and ventilated cedar deck will have a similar life as will fence boards. A fence post made of untreated wood and put into direct contact with the ground is one example of a high hazard situation that will lead to a shorter life span.

6 Cedar Decking Stain Tips | DoItYourself.com

Before you decide to stain your cedar decking be sure to take these tips to get the best longest-lasting results. 5. Choose a Quality Stain The best stains for cedar decking will last between six and eight years with proper care and sealing. Paying a higher price for

Painting Vs. Staining Your Deck | Which Option Is Best?

The cons of staining your deck include: It won’t last for more than a few years.On average decks need to be stained again every other year. A quality professional paint job will last longer than a quality professional deck staining. However an oil-based

Composite Decking: Does It Really Stack Up?

10/8/2014· Traditional wood decks have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Because composite decking is weather insect and rot resistant making it last for 25 to 30 years or longer. Think About Long-term Costs Consumer Reports compared wood decking to alternative decking

Problems With Cedar Wood | Hunker

While they do not cause structural harm to cedar checks can cause it to suffer aesthetically. As APA Wood notes checking is the result of seasonal fluctuations in wood's moisture content. While outer layers of wood fiber are able to expel moisture quickly when temperatures warm up inner layers shed moisture at a much lower rate.

Cedar Decks - Care Maintenance

Cedar decks require regular maintenance or they will not last as long as they should. Even though cedar is naturally rot resistant constant moisture freezing and thawing wet and dry conditions will age the wood. So every spring and fall you should clean the deck

Cedar vs. Pressure-Treated Pine for Fence & Deck - …

Cedar decks last 15 to 20 years compared to 10 to 15 years for pressure-treated wood. This depends on several factors including: quality of the PT process whether the cedar came from the heart or sapwood of the tree regional climate the structure’s location

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