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Tech Alert: Hot Rubberized Waterproofing Systems - …

16/3/2017· It is vital when applying a hot rubberized waterproofing system on a deck surface that the drains are protected and plugged. Also when steel railings are involved rust inhibitors are to be applied to steel railing plates to prevent corrosion and rust bleeding onto the deck.

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· toward the deck surface (at about 1 in 6). has been completed will almost always lead to failure. It is also recommended that the PVC waterproofing membrane extend a minimum of 6” up the vertical surface behind the water shedding membrane. Posts are


· National Construction Code Performance FP1.2 (P2.2.1) Requirements (b) Surface water resulting from a storm having an average recurrence interval of 100 years must not enter the building. AND FP1.4 (P2.2.2) A roof and external wall (including openings around


· during service. penetrations transitions drains Slab edges. should be treated With proper products before installation. Around the perimeter. the corner detailed With an mastic the mastic out onto the deck minimum 152 (6 vertical wall just surface's wall if joint it

Plaza Deck Restoration: Principles of drainage and …

Plaza deck waterproofing typically requires replacement at some point during the building’s life. Restoration of the waterproofing system over occupied space poses many challenges both in design and construction. Typically plaza decks now being subject to restoration were constructed many years ago and do not include subsurface drainage or adequate deck slope at the waterproofing membrane

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PODIUM DECK WATERPROOFING The City of Toronto defines lot coverage as “the portion of the lot that is covered by any part of any building or structure on or above the surface of the lot.” In some urban developments the building footprints occupy a portion of the total available lot space with an underground structure directly below the footprint of the building.

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Wherever this approach is practical such as at rooftop fountains that are elevated above the surrounding deck surface provide a containment layer of continuous waterproofing below the pool shell (Figure 3).

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Do-It-Right Deck Building Putting a deck on your house is like adding another room—just one without walls or a roof. That makes it the most affordable addition you can build. A deck project can range from about $10000 to $20000 depending on the design layout

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16/10/2014· Once the deck has been designed with the proper slope it is critical water be deflected away from deck transitions at adjoining walls. Even a rainscreen wall system would have difficulty handling the volume of water flowing from a deck surface that is not properly diverted.

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· Easy Waterproofing For Your Balcony & Rooftop Deck Turns a flat roof into a deck Long lasting durability Covers plywood concrete metal and fiberglass Meets ADA skid-resistant standards Limited Material Warranty available2 GacoDeck coatings provide an added

Building a Deck? Read This! - This Old House

Typically the railing must be 36 inches above the deck surface with balusters that are spaced so that a 4-inch-diameter sphere cannot pass between them. For a deck that looks out over a beautiful vista or backyard landscape consider railings you can see through.

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· deck transitions at adjoining walls. Even a rain-screen wall system would have difficulty handling the volume of water flowing from a deck surface that is not diverted properly. Simple pre-manufactured diverters can be installed on the deck surface and waterproofed

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Seamless security for joints where cracks occur and transitions Full-surface fleece reinforcement for waterproofing parking decks ramps and driveways Heating elements for snow-/ice-free driveways

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Kemper System waterproofing membranes adhere to the substrate over the entire surface thus ensuring long-term protection at all transitions penetrations and terminations. They eliminate mechanical fixings and withstand wind uplift without additional layers.

Tech Alert: Hot Rubberized Waterproofing Systems - …

It is vital when applying a hot rubberized waterproofing system on a deck surface that the drains are protected and plugged. Also when steel railings are involved rust inhibitors are to be applied to steel railing plates to prevent corrosion and rust bleeding onto the deck.


· deck includes precast concrete risers on cast-in-place reinforced concrete raker beams and columns. The upper concourse is cast-in-place structural concrete with an unbonded topping slab over a split slab waterproofing system. The upper concourse area

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sleepers are apparently the name for the beams supporting the deck surface laid directly atop the concrete. they run perpendicular to the actual deck boards and elevate the surface slightly allowing the decking to avoid contact with the ground.

Waterproof Membrane for Exterior Decks - Protecto Wrap

· deck waterproofing in an installer friendly application. Its peel and stick application with a fabric top coating makes an excellent bonding surface for latex modified thin-set mortars and allows for immediate installation of tile or stone. No more wasted time with


· DOC 文件· 网页视图• Section 07 01 91 Joint Sealant Rehabilitation and Replacement• Section 07 14 13.01 Hot Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Deck (TREMproof 6100)• Section 07 14 16.02 Cold Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Vertical (TREMproof 250GC)• Section 07 14 16.04 Cold Fluid

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The waterproofing should have transitioned up the sides of the building at least 3″ so water can’t migrate through those transitions. The slope of the waterproof membrane and the slope of the deck should be 1/4″ per foot towards the drain.


· waterproofing problems with their plaza deck. For over ten years USAA had been experiencing leaking within their plaza deck at its transitions and expansion joints. The waterproofing system that had previously been installed was hot rubberized asphalt with a

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At Tuff Industries Inc. we think of Tufdek waterproof decking as roofing. After all we are waterproofing a flat surface just like a roof. Tufdek products comply with the following: International Code Council (ICC AC39 and AC75 Non Classified Roof Systems Canadian

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The process for waterproofing and protecting a deck or concrete surface is straightforward but requires attention to detail when executing each step. Here is how we do it: Protect the surrounding areas and ensure no unwanted vehicular or pedestrian traffic is allowed

Protecto Deck

· 4 Protecto Deck 12192018 Note: see “Technical Letter Surface Preparation” for more information. Surface temperatures must be minimum 50 F and rising Concrete: All concrete surfaces shall have a smooth steel troweled finish or better and shall be clean free of

Why is My Concrete Deck Failing Where It's Exposed to the …

1/1/2014· That aside the main reason for the massive failure of the exposed portion of the deck is the lack of any waterproofing layers between the overlay and the wooden deck. Water migrated through cracks seams and edges into the wooden subfloor and joists and over a few years rotted the wood.


· DOC 文件· 网页视图• Section 07 14 13.01 Hot Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Deck (TREMproof 6100) • Section 07 14 13.02 Hot Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Vegetated Roof (TREMproof 6100) • Section 07 14 16.01 Cold Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Vertical and Deck (TREMproof

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They are looking for a permanent waterproof product to help solve building envelope failures and keep the areas below the deck surface dry. Once you have an “Authorized Dealer” install Tufdek on your waterproofing project you can expect years of maintenance free use.

Waterproofing a Deck Above a Living Area – EBOSS

Viking Dec-K-ing (PVC) Waterproofing Membrane is a solution to waterproofing most decks particularly those above a living area. Designing a deck that sits above a living area can prove problematic when considering the possibility of water ingress. Viking Dec-K-ing an all-in-one hard-wearing aesthetic waterproofing PVC sheet membrane system addresses this potential problem.

Sarnafil Guide Specification Green Roof( Extensive)

· DOC 文件· 网页视图The deck surface shall have a smooth and level finish and shall be free of dust excess moisture and loose debris. Sharp ridges or other projections above the surface shall be removed before waterproofing. Depressions shall be filled with an appropriate patch

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30/11/2013· Install deck membrane If flashings and surface preparation are done properly installing the membrane across the field of the deck is probably the easiest part (Figure 6). In the survey of completed balconies some back-laps were found but a more common

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Challenge Waterproof the 20000 sq.ft. concrete roof deck of a new museum wing. Museum wing was designed with 1250 metal-based circular skylights spaced 18 inches apart in order to achieve natural lighting throughout the gallery area. Solution Installation of

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And in the same way in all of these transitions one that I can think of that we see often is the connection or the transition between your pool deck waterproofing where it ties in into the actual pool structure or you know typically you have a gutter at the

Above-Grade Waterproofing for Horizontal Surfaces | …

Then a second urethane sealant is poured onto the deck surface as a waterproofing layer. “Aggregate is then broadcast into it for durability and as a non-slip coating” says Lawrence. Neogard offers a variety of aggregates and colors including decorative quartz and rubber granules.

Buried plaza deck expansion joints--Cracking Up is no …

Plaza and roof deck waterproofing involves a waterproofing membrane applied to a structural deck. These components are covered with some sort of topping. The topping is porous by design and allows water to reach the membrane on the structural slab where it is managed to drains.

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As with any below grade waterproofing system the primary weaknesses are at the transitions and terminations. You can count on the CSI team for the expertise and experience to correctly apply below-grade waterproofing systems ranging from positive side waterproofing of exterior foundation walls to negative side waterproofing of interior foundations utilizing crystalline waterproofing materials.

Sarnafil Guide Specification Grid System

· DOC 文件· 网页视图The deck surface shall have a smooth and uniform finish and shall be free of dust excess moisture oil-based curing agents loose debris and loose unbonded waterproofing materials. Sharp ridges or other projections above the surface shall be removed before waterproofing.

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6/1/2014· Waterproofing is typically installed as a “split-slab” system between the wear surface and the structural deck. Protection begins during initial construction. Most bridges built in recent decades use epoxy-coated rebar instead of plain red iron.

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Homeowners may have many questions about the materials used for deck waterproofing. Terminology the average lay person is unfamiliar with is often used that can leave a person puzzled as to what is really going on. They may have their own ideas that are

Top deck Waterproofing System (OS 10) Triflex ProPark

· Top deck Waterproo ng System (OS10) TriexProPark ® 3 ProPark planning documents 05/2018 And this is how it’s done… 1. Preparation of substrate e.g. by shot-blasting. 2. Prime junctions and surface. 3. First all details are waterproofed using Triflex ProDetail

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· surface treatments include concrete ceramic tile stone or other paving material usually with a bi-level drain used to accept both surface run-off and water at the waterproofing membrane level. Structural substrates are commonly wood or concrete.

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